Evolution vs. Comfort

“I love us, I have to want us to evolve more than I want us to stay comfortable” 

- (Chani Nicholas, astrologer) 

I read this affirmation this morning and it got me thinking about our personal and collective evolution (or sometimes I think of it as revolution) and the need, desire, mandate to evolve, outgrow and create new ways of being. 

And at the same time 

I can feel the push 

to evolve 

is met 

with an equal amount 

of the pull 

to stay comfortable

This space between push and pull is where “should” lives. The should says “I want to and I am afraid”. 

Of the unknown

Of a change in identity

Of failure


Yet we are drawn to evolve. To grow. To learn. To reinvent. To innovate. It is our nature.

And this is where discernment and courage must partner. Dig deep and get curious. Judge well. 

A process of discernment may look like asking yourself:

  • What are the benefits of evolving?
  • What do I need to feel/be supported to create a change?
  • What is pulling me forward, calling me to grow?
  • What delights are waiting on the other side of this transformation?

I know we place a lot of value on the evolution vs. comfort side of the equation, but I think it is important to honor comfort when needed. We don’t want to get wrapped up in the “produce, change, and never be satisfied with anything” model. 

So how can comfort AND evolution work together? Perhaps a slow, thoughtful, courageous, and steady pace may be required for you to evolve and that’s okay. 

And there will be grief in the evolution

And sadness

And fear


Change doesn’t have to be terrifying. It can be exhilarating, challenging, intense, subtle but it’s always important, especially when it comes to living authentically and expressing yourself fully. 

It’s okay to outgrow this version of yo(us).


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