2 Day Intensive: Denver, CO


-Gain clarity on your vision for your life

-Identify and resolve roadblocks preventing you from moving forward with ease

-Get actionable steps for meaningful change 

-Slow down and be in community with others

-Say buh-byeee to roadblocks and old stories

-Learn to flow more easily through life's transitions 


Reconnect to your Purpose and Values

Wisdom Harvest Assessment

Transition timeline

Critics + Wise Ones

Self care + Resilience Building

Integration and Wrap Up



"Simply the structure of a weekly meeting was helpful!  Having a group of women so eager to share space, and share parts of themselves, was incredibly beneficial in helping me tap into areas of my own need.  The group dynamic also offered an interesting reflection of myself that I was not expecting, and am grateful to have faced."

"This course helped me so much to gain other points of view about my life and realize I am not the only one going through life changes! I met incredible women and opened up to them. I learned so much about myself and how to let go of the past and focus on the things that matter. I am braver now, willing to let go of control and enjoy my life. 

I am taking away tools on how to cope with life's changes, work stress, and toxic people. I learned how to set and keep my boundaries, letting go of control and unclenching! Staying in the present and not taking things so seriously! I am also learning how to keep my head up, quit looking down and be present in every moment of life."

"I understand the need to be more present with myself to focus clearly on what I am thinking, what I really want and need, and how to reframe, and redirect negative thoughts to redirect my energy in positive ways!"