Beth Kelley, founder, maker, and certified coach

I am the founder of Mud Witch Industries and creator of the Touchpoints Oracle deck. As a maker and coach, I create experiences and tools for women to explore more deeply their own wonderings, sense of belonging, and meaning-making in order to help others to connect, to belong, to nurture, and to lead. I currently live in Denver, but my soul resides in the Pacific Northwest.

I worked as a Psychotherapist for years before launching my full time consulting business. In addition to having a thriving private practice, I worked as a school based therapist in communities that have inspired and taught me amazing lessons about what is possible in this world.

In an effort to practice what I preach, I take imperfect action in order to live more fully. Taking those steps with imperfect action has changed my life.

In my private life I love to spend time exploring creative arts, being with people I love, laughing and binging on British Mysteries. I am grateful to be doing what I love and partnering with people who are open to growth and possibility. After all, relationship is all there is. And I am grateful for you.