Creativity: Do it Your Own Way

We are meant to create. 

As humans, we possess an innate desire to create and to express ourselves. It is a beautiful and normal aspect of our humanity. Whether it is through creating art, or the ways you adorn yourself, or decorating the spaces you occupy, or the ways you “think outside the box”: Creative expression shows your point of view. It can be used to challenge norms, and bring beauty into the world and form connections between your inner and outer worlds. 

Connection is born from creativity. 

A longing to create friendship, express emotions, share pain and joy, foster empathy and understanding (for ourselves and others). 

To express yourself.

To make your mark.

To be seen.

And even though creative expression seems as natural as existence itself, it is hard for many of us to acknowledge and allow creativity. In my work as a transformational coach I hear a lot of outdated stories from people who, when asked about creativity in their lives say things like:

Oh, I am not creative

I can’t draw

I am not good at that

These outdated tapes are so reductive. It’s like, we have our own idea what creativity is (usually things like being a fine artist or world class musician) and/or we have had “color in the lines” experiences as kids that didn’t go well. And so the story is born…bloop. That’s it. I am not creative.

If this resonates with you and you’d like to explore these ways of fostering your inner creator. Consider this:

  1. Take imperfect action (leave your inner-perfectionist at the door).
  2. Consume creativity (books, arts, music, experiences that invite creativity)
  3. Prioritize your creative practices with some consistency (meditation, writing, art - in any form)
  4. Get your rest. Creativity gets choked out by stress and go, go, going…leave time for your imagination to flourish.

Now quit reading and go express yourself. 

xo -bk