Mud Witch Industries

Transformational Coaching


Because you are stuck and want to grow and be more fulfilled and conscious and self-aware. And you don’t want to press on alone anymore. You have been swirling in these patterns for a long time and you are tired of it and want to do something different. And it’s not “bad enough” to need a therapist. And it’s not “good enough” to feel satisfied.

Transformational Coaching is a powerful tool that helps you gain insight, structure, and accountability to get more of what you want out of life. Write the book. Go for the job. Start the business. Create the space for creativity. Whatever your goals are you’ll get there faster with help than you will alone.


Coaching is kind of like if your therapist and a task master had a baby. At Mud Witch, the coaching philosophy centers around the idea that you will reach your goals when you are curious, willing, brave, and open to exploring all of the beautiful parts of you that make you unique.

And yea, you will be seen here. And supported. And challenged. And loved.

When your “doing” and your “being” are aligned…you will be transformed. Things shift and open and flow. As a clinically trained and Certified Co-Active™ CPCC (also ICF credentialed as an ACC), my coaching style is rooted in the belief that you already have the answers you seek to unlock, unstick, and unburden yourself of the things that are holding you back.

My role is not to “fix” you but to help you find your way home to your wisdom, curiosity, and power.