But why are you REALLY here?

Why are you here?

No, why are you really here?


In my work we ask the big questions. There is a lot of talk about Purpose. 


And although I ask people to consider…

What is your purpose?


I hate that question.


I mean, of course I have wondered about what my big P Purpose is…


And then I think…

I don’t know.

What if I answer the question wrong?

What if I have been living out some purpose-adjacent kind of life?

Then my perfectionist shows up

And shuts it all down

Conversation over.


Then one day, I thought…turtles don’t ask questions like “what is my purpose?”

They just turtle. 

Like turtles do.


They exist.

In a turtle kind of way.

That is all.


And so what if it is the same for us. 

What would your life be like if you allowed your existence to be enough?

A simple answer to the profound question of purpose. 

To simply exist.

And everything else is gravy. 


How would that shift things for you, if you checked that off your list? 

You already know. Purpose ✓

Would you show up differently?

How would it feel?

No need to perform, produce, proclaim. 

Just allowing your enoughness to simply be enough.


My guess is that if we get the Purpose thing out of the way, then we can engage in other meaningful questions like:

  • What are my values?
  • What are my unique gifts?
  • Where do I find joy, flow, and meaning?

Hey, I am no Purpose expert. If you have an approach to this whole Purpose thing, I’d love to hear your thoughts… 🐢