Watching Atoms in the Park

Two days ago I was visiting a museum. It backs up against a giant and gorgeous public park. I was on the second floor and the entire wall that faces the park is made of glass. It had a beautiful atrium vibe. 

From my vantage point I could see 3 little kids in the park, probably aged 2-4ish and they were dancing around on this concrete slab that probably hid the sprinkler system or bomb shelter or something. 

It was like watching a delightful dance of atoms bouncing, reaching, hugging one another in some unconscious experiment of unabated joy.

I watched one little diaper-wearing proton touch bellies with a sunglasses-donning neutron. I saw the little electron in their stripe-y shorts spinning and twirling and swirling around til they were dizzy and collapsed like a drunken sailor. 

I could almost hear the squeals and laughter as they danced in the sun on a crip (but still warm) Autumn-is-coming morning. 

And it gave me one of those “I’ll have what they are having” moments. 

I started thinking…

When was the last time I felt like that?


Light and bouncy

Connected in playfulness


Belly laughing

Simply present to joy for joy’s sake

Let’s just say it's been a minute. 

I wasn’t lamenting, but I was curiously inspired.

Their joy was infectious.

Deep joy doesn’t only exist in childhood. Or it shouldn’t.

Face to the sunshine, people. Put on your stripes. Find your atomic partners.

Be present to the fleeting, flashing, lasting, powerful moments of joy (even and especially in the mundane simplicities of life)

Let me know how it goes.