Soothe brings you a message of comfort. Allow the divine mother to hold you tightly and close to her bosom. She sends a message of reassurance and unconditional love. You are ok. You are safe. You are loved. You may rest here, assured that you are on the right path, deeply cared for, and held in love.

If you are feeling that low-level buzz of worry, or perhaps you are in a situation that is fully activating your internal alarm systems, know that Soothe comes with an important message to take care of yourself. To reconnect with your soul's purpose and release into the arms of the divine mother. Soothe your body with self massage; soothe your worry by asking the divine mother for consolation. Love and care are needed now. Listen to music you love, eat a delicious, nourishing meal in noble silence. Wrap yourself in a blanket and give yourself a squeeze. You are loved.


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