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Beth is a badass with a wealth of knowledge and a generous spirit. She is skilled with boundaries and helped me improve mine after our first conversation. Her "why not you" perspective inspires me to see myself living into the life of my dreams. She has a unique way of breaking things down to their simple parts, so that nothing is unmanageable.

- Linda H., entrepreneur, coach, psychotherapist

This has been the most important work I have done in my life. I knew our work together would be life changing but I never could have imagined where it would actually take me. Six months later, accomplishing the goals I started out with was simply the icing on the cake. Beth drilled down to the essence of my ideal life, way past what I ever thought was possible, and along the way blew apart my hardened and overworked obstacles, and then she made me think I did that work all by myself!

- Chris Lewis, psychotherapist, writer, entrepreneur

I have had several coaching sessions with Beth and have benefitted from her wisdom every single time. Beth has the ability to digest and process information quickly and effectively and give me tangible steps to move my goals forward. She is clear, direct and always leave our sessions with clarity and some relief. She is dependable and draws not only from her own knowledge, but her understanding of me as an individual. She is truly intuitive and directive; a rare combination. If I could have a session with her everyday, I would.

- Marisol Erlacher, M.A., LPC Resilience Consultant, Speaker, Entrepreneur