Gut brings an invitation to hop on the superhighway to your own wisdom. Gut will not and should not be ignored. You are being urged to check that you are in alignment. Gut is where all the answers live. What messages are you receiving? Are you stuck? Are you absorbing what nourishes you? Trust yourself. Listen deeply to your intuition. Perhaps you are experiencing some discomfort in the gut. Know that this is a cue that there are certain things in your life that you are not metabolizing. When your gut rejects something, it is for your own protection, so heed the warning and don't continue to ingest the things, people, relationships, and energy that are toxic to your system. Stop tolerating things you shouldn't. Gut balancing is a mix of listening to yourself, trusting your intuition, and honoring what is right and nourishing for you.

When you care for Gut it will give you a deep sense of alignment and flow. Your system allows for what is sustaining you to move through it with a sense of ease and vitality.


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